Enchanting Engagement Video Love Stories

Ever wanted to be in your very own romantic comedy?

A love story is an acted out short film about you and your fiance, starring you! Let's write your story.

Show how it happened...

Love stories are the very best way to get everyone into a lovey mood about your wedding. You will recreate your story of your love and act out how it all happened and more. This is your chance to star in your own romance film. We set up film interviews with your best friends and family, and your first favorite moments of your relationship. Then you get to share your love story with your guests at your wedding. It will be a hit!

Family and friend collaboration

Letting AJ Patell produce your love story is a great way to involve those you care about most. It makes them feel special and honored to be a part of your relationship and wedding. Your friends and family will love sharing the little things that will delight you and your guests!

Schedule your meeting

Getting your love story right is of the utmost concern to us, so we require a formal sit-down to discuss all the relevant details about your wedding. This is the most important part of the process. In the navigation bar at the top of this site, click 'Info' and then 'Contact' in the dropdown list, and then schedule a 30 minute session in the box.



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